Best colleges in Miami

Many people think of Miami as just one endless beach and tourist place. And when it comes to education, most people think of it as a good spot to spend Spring Breaks. That’s not far from the truth since it offers nice weather, beach fun, and all-night partying, which springbreakers want the most. However, the fact we want to point out is that Miami ranks as the 6th largest college town among major cities in the US. Its metro area includes 59 colleges and universities, with 308 348 students in total. Mainly, any student would love to study at one of the best colleges in Miami and spend his free time on one of the pretty Miami Beaches. Many of them moved to the city precisely with the help of our movers Miami and our moving services. We will suggest some of the Top Faculties Miami has to offer. 

How to choose the best colleges in Miami?

Choosing the right college is a multi-faceted decision that depends on various factors. Personal preferences, such as campus culture, academic offerings, and extracurricular activities, are crucial to consider. What excites you in a learning environment? What sort of social or cultural amenities do you want? Another important consideration is the location. Proximity to family, friends, or potential job opportunities could significantly influence your overall college experience. For some, a college close to home offers the comfort of a familiar environment, while others may prefer the adventure of a new city or even a different country. Assessing these factors in light of your own values and aspirations will guide you toward making the best choice. After you make your choice, hire local movers Florida has and move without any stress. 

University of Miami

The University of Miami has a status as one of the best private research colleges in America. It ranks 55th out of 443 National Universities and is equally popular among foreign and native students. About 19,000 students from around the world are enrolled annually. And 13% of enrolled students at Miami University are foreign students.

University of Miami ia one of the best colleges in Miami
The University of Miami is highly respected and one of the best colleges in Miami.

At this university, students can choose between 180 subjects and programs. The most popular so far are nursing, finance, economics, psychology, marketing, advertising, etc. Students are satisfied and involved in shaping campus life, through various clubs. Of all enrolled freshmen, only 8% drop out.

Annual tuition is $57,194, which is above the national average. But, with all the other fees for a dorm room, food, and other expenses, the price reaches $75,230. Ultimately, this price will be reduced for scholarship and financial aid recipients. Our company offers reasonably priced moving services Miami, suitable for students. 

Florida International University

Founded as recently as 1965, Florida International University has already grown to become one of the most prominent colleges in Florida. According to student enrollment, it’s the largest university in South Florida, 2nd largest in Florida, and 4th in the US. In 2022, there were a total of 56,732 enrolled students, of which 46,079 were undergraduates and 10,653 were graduates. The university has two campuses in Miami-Dade County. However, the majority of students 92% are living off-campus. If you are looking for local movers Miami area for student relocations, hire our reliable movers. 

Students can choose between 280 majors and 191 programs. Also, it offers a wide range of postgraduate programs in architecture, engineering, business management, medicine, law, and others. Some of the most popular courses are the Internet of things, computer science, business, and management. 

college students using laptop
FIU offers in-person and online graduate and undergraduate programs.

The net price per year is $8,988, and 94% of the students are receiving financial aid. However, the annual tuition is around $ 24,882 with additional fees and necessities. Cost prices for one semester look like this:

  • Basic tuition – $3,084
  • Room – $3,882
  • Books and supplies – $675
  • Personal expenses – $1,453
  • Other (transportation, board, fees) – $3,347

Nova Southeastern University

According to, Nova Southeastern University is the largest research-oriented university in Florida. This is where new generations of “sharks” learn and improve through more than 50 graduate programs. Also, this private non-profit facility annually enrolls more than 6000 students. Tuition per year is about $54,912, and the acceptance rate is 80%. Through various research and internships in large corporations, students get chances to apply knowledge in the real world. And precisely that is what makes NSU one of the best colleges in Miami. Also, NSU encourages diversity and minorities, where over a third of the student body is Hispanic or Latino. Caucasians are 29.7%, then 8.75% African Americans, 8.75% Asians, etc.

We should also note that NSU is a good choice for athletes since it offers athletes scholarships. Thus, is not surprising that as many as 34% of students have athletic scholarships. The Nova Southeastern University Sharks athletic teams are achieving success in a variety of sports, both for men and women. 

Keiser University

This is another in a series of private colleges in the Miami area. However,  It ranked 219th in the list of the best international universities, according to It shares 219th place with NSU. It has about 19,861 enrolled students, and its acceptance rate is 96%. Of these, 1871 are graduates. Their average starting salary is $44,900. Tuition and fees are $34,100 per year, plus $14,025 for room and board. It is interesting that even 73% of students are female. Besides, even 70% of the student body is made up of minorities. 

female student participating in class
Diversity and tolerance are highly valued at Keiser University.

Besides, Keizer University has several campuses, with it being the main one in Fort Lauderdale. Its students are mostly satisfied with the conditions and social life. And they highly rate the security and health care at the university well. Our residential movers Miami will relocate you to campus quickly and efficiently. For a single room in the dorm, you will have to shell out $5,720 per semester. While for a double room, which you would share with a roommate, you will pay only $2,860.

Everglades University

This small private university started operating in 2002 in Boca Raton. Although a relatively new facility, Everglades University is already above-average. It is noticeably smaller than the previous ones but doesn’t lag behind in the quality of teaching. It is also important to mention it took 94th place among Regional Universities South. In 2021, 2212 undergraduate students enrolled, with an admission rate of 75%. Also, 58% of its students graduate in a timely manner. And the starting salary of its graduates is $34,000. Besides, it is also the 12th safest college campus in America out of 1,310. 

Make your choice and move with Pro Movers Miami

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with basic info if you’re about to enroll in one of the best colleges in Miami. We also hope you’ll enjoy Miami and all its charms. Besides, for help with moving to Miami, you can contact us. We are verified movers, operating in the wide Miami area, Miami Dade, Miami Beach, Marathon, Broward, and Volusia Counties


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