Special Rates

Our Special Moving, Packing and Storage Rates

Local Moving Service

  • Please call for our current specials. Our moving and packing service rates, as well as storage and off-loading fees vary based on a season and occupancy. During month of May-August we have something called a Moving Season. About 70% of households in USA are moving during this time. Please make sure to book your local movers early.

Long Distance Moving

  • Based on a volume. Charged by cubic feet and weight We will do our best to provide you with a lowest quote for Miami moving services. How this works? We pack and wrap your belongins and move it to your desired destination from Miami, FL to anywhere in USA. Delivery timeframes vary depending on destination and how busy we are. Weather is also a major factor that can affect delivery.

Packing supplies

  • Please call for an estimate. Our Pro Miami movers are ready to assist your with Full or Partial packing service. Our rates are way below average if compared to other major moving companies. Please let us know and we can deliver you boxes prior to your relocation date. This way you can save a lot of money by doing most of the packing work yourself.

We pack!

  • If you need us to pack your House or Office, we can do it all for you. Please call for an estimate and details. We offer Full Packing service with All-Inclusive moving service option. For additional cost, you get unlimited amount of packing supplies. This service requires our movers to pack all of your belongings. Extra, Full Coverage Insurance is also available. If you decide to pack yourself, please keep in mind, that we will not be responsible for any “self-packed” items.

Free Estimates

  • We come to you day or night. Professional estimator will arrive at scheduled time to estimate your moving service cost. We strongly recommend this service that comes free with any Long distance move.
  • Accurate estimates and flat rates. If we come to your property and estimate your move, you may select a flat rate option, versus hourly rate. Main factor that is taken in considerations is a total volume of the move
  • No hidden charges. All terms and conditions are explained to you beforehand and written binding contract is provided

Pro Miami Movers Special Rates For More Savings

  •  Special rates offered at Pro Movers Miami are constantly changing. Availability is limited. You can find special rates for local moving such as to Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Hallandale or within the city of Miami. You can also find special rates for long distance moving to Los Angeles, Dallas and New York. These special rates change depending on the seasons, events or dates. There are no fixed schedule as to when these special rates are going to be offered. Please check for specials frequently.
  •  The reason why we offer these special rates is to give our appreciation through the means of offering discounts. Special rates are often similar with coupon codes. This is because to redeem these special rates, you need to specify the code. However, most special rates are availed by clicking on the given button upon entry of the official website of Pro Movers Miami. There are also special rates automatically added to the customer’s order, particularly seasonal offers. Whenever you make orders during certain seasons and the moving company makes special rate offers, your orders will automatically be discounted according to the mechanics offered with it.
  •  Special rates are common, even in the industry that Pro Movers Miami is in. This is because we are not the only movers in Miami. It is a competition, and the special rates we offer is one way we attract customers. The same can be said with other companies, as well. Aside from offering these special rates as our way of saying thank you to our customers, it is also a way to compete for more potential customers.
  •  So what are these various special rates? You can find various of them. We give special rates to students, since they make up most of the number of customers we get, which is next to resident owners. You can’t just monitor all the special rates all the time, since it is not like other services where you need it most of the time. But whenever you find a special rate offers, take a look at its mechanics and avail it without hesitation. Not all special rates may be suited to your move, though. But at least you might find one offer that will suit your current needs.
  •  Various special rates are applied to local moving, long distance moving and even commercial moving. If you only want to rent our transport vehicles, you can get savings from the total rent at least 20 percent off. The same may also be applied with one-way transport, too. We also provide beautiful special rates to our members, as well. Just check out the official website of Pro Movers Miami to see these offers.

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