Best Miami neighborhoods for families with kids

Miami is a city of long beaches, palm trees, and buildings bathed in sun. When you decide to move, the city of Miami can be a great option. If you want to do a full family move, there are things you need to know before you do it. For families with kids, there are certain neighborhoods that can suit your needs. Your kids need a good environment to grow up in and get a proper education. They will, most probably, be happy that you chose Miami for your upcoming move because of its constant warm weather and lengthy beaches. But do not let that cloud your judgment, and make the best decision about which neighborhood to move into. In addition, you need to plan and prepare for your relocation carefully. The moving process includes many activities, such as researching movers Miami has, finding storage units, packing your things, gathering moving boxes, etc. Read on and find out what are the best Miami neighborhoods for families with kids and how to ensure a successful move.

Hiring a reliable moving company

Before anything else, you need to hire a reliable moving company. Good, experienced professionals will make your move much easier. If you pick the right company, the moving process will be a walk in the park. Some companies may try to fool you with ridiculously low prices so that they can scam you and make you lose even more money. That is why it is important to choose the right one.

Miami panorama
Welcome to Miami! A great place for families with kids!

Regardless of whether you are organizing a local move or moving long-distance, you want reliable and well-trained movers. When you start researching moving companies in Miami, make a list of priorities. Make sure your movers have a license in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises and hidden costs. Secondly, check companies’ insurance policies and think about whether you need additional coverage. In addition, the company you choose should have years of experience in services that you need and fit your predetermined budget.

Start the search by asking your friends and family whether they can recommend a good moving company. If they have moved recently, their feedback would be invaluable, and they could save you a lot of time and energy. Next, visit specialized moving websites such as Better Business Bureau. Not only can you find general information about companies here, but also reviews and ratings. Read previously submitted comments and complaints and check license information. Once you gather all the information you need, it is time to make a list of companies that meet your needs. Request several in-house moving estimations so that you can compare moving costs. Now, let’s check the best Miami neighborhoods for families with kids.

These are the best Miami neighborhoods for families with kids

Before you start researching Miami neighborhoods, ask yourself what your priorities are. What kind of property are you looking for? How important are amenities such as parks, fitness options, travel access, shops, and restaurants? Do you want to be close to your office or children’s schools? We will not take a look at the list of best Miami neighborhoods for families with kids. We’ve included safety and education options so that your kids can have a pleasant and productive childhood.

A mover carries boxes next to a van
Hire a reliable moving company

Coral Gables

This neighborhood is located right next to the beach, which is what Miami is best known for. Your kids will love it. You will love it as well because it is the home of many schools and private communities. It is in Downtown Miami, and you do not need a car to get around this neighborhood.  It has a lot of playgrounds and other entertainment options due to its proximity to the beach. The average rent price is $1241, which is below the city average. And if you decide to move to Coral Gables, you won’t have any problems finding experienced moving companies Coral Gables has to offer.

There are plenty of exciting activities for families with kids here. Visit the Venetian Pool, where you can spend a great day swimming, exploring caves, and enjoying beautiful waterfalls. It is located at 2701 De Soto Blvd. and you can even attend camps and swimming classes here.

Another great family destination is Matheson Hammock Park. Here, you can enjoy beautiful nature and water views, rent canoes and kayaks, organize a picnic or go biking. Don’t forget to visit Coral Gables Museum and Lowe Art Museum. Your entire family can have a great time here and learn a lot.

Coconut Grove is one of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with kids

Coconut Grove is one of the best neighborhoods in Miami to raise children. But beware, it is quite expensive. People love it for its high-end lifestyle and streets filled with trees and parks. Many parents want to surround their children with this type of lifestyle. It is within walking distance from Coral Gables, which means it is also located near Downtown Miami. It has some of the city’s best private schools, like Ransom Everglades, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, and Immaculata-Lasalle High School. The average rent price is between $1600 and $1800, which is the same as the average for the whole city.

View of Miami
Explore some of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with kids

There are many fun activities that you will be able to enjoy with your kids once movers Coconut Grove Fl relocate you here. The Kampong is a 9-acre tropical garden. Here, you will see spectacular gardens, amazing views of Biscayne Bay, exotic trees, and historic buildings. And after you get tired walking, stop by Vicky’s House, an ’80s-themed milkshake bar. Your kids will love it!

Coconut Grove is home to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a beautiful villa, and the largest mansion in Miami. This Renaissance-inspired villa and its beautiful gardens were used in many Hollywood movies. It was built by James Deering, and it served as his winter retreat.


Pinecrest is a great neighborhood for families with kids. It has five parks, Pinecrest Gardens being the crown jewel. It is huge and contains over a thousand tropical plants. There are also streams, caves, and other natural formations. Community projects have done a lot for the tree life in this neighborhood. More than ten thousand trees were planted in the area in 1997, thanks to the Tree City USA project. The area contains more than 10 schools, 3 of which are private. Streets lined with trees and many parks make this a great neighborhood to raise your children.

Bal Harbour

This neighborhood is considered the safest in the Miami Beach area. The Miami Beach area consists of islands close to the shore of Miami. They are connected to the mainland by bridges, and it is a great place for children who love the beach. And we know all children like the beach. The neighborhood has many excellent schools, and 96.6% of people living in the area have a high school diploma or higher. This is an important factor to consider when choosing an area to move into as a young family. Therefore, if Bal Harbour is your choice, check out some of the movers Bal Harbour companies offer and move without any stress.

Family having fun in the water
Picking the right neighborhood is very important for you and your family


Weston is a suburban area in the west of the Miami metropolitan area. It is ranked as #8 in the safest cities to live in America, which makes it the safest part of Miami. There are 14 parks in the area, many community events all year long, and a picturesque town center filled with restaurants and nightclubs. It has one of the best soccer clubs in America and 46-mile-long bicycle lanes. This is great for all sporty people and people who wish to enroll their kids in sports programs. Want to move? Schedule moving companies Weston offers and ensure a seamless moving experience.


This is an urban neighborhood in Miami, which is considered to be the main financial district of the City and of South Florida. It is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the city because of its many restaurants and entertainment spots. It contains many well-rated schools, parks, and sports venues, which is great for families with kids. The crime rate is surprisingly higher than the country average, although all of the residents feel quite safe in the neighborhood. If safety is your primary goal, move to Brickell with some of the most reliable movers Brickell has to offer.


Aventura is a neighborhood in the north of Miami. It is all clustered around a high-end shopping mall. It is very modern, with high buildings with condos lined on the beach. If you want a condo life with boating and tennis, this is the neighborhood for you. It is very attractive, and your kids will love living this high-end lifestyle. The neighborhood has easy access to highways, which can make your trip to Downtown Miami much easier and faster. Many young professionals and Latin investors choose this area as the best place to live. Therefore, get the services of Aventura movers and move without any stress.

A person writing a list
Creating a moving checklist will facilitate your move

There are many great places to explore in Aventura. Go to Veteran’s Park, which offers soccer fields, tennis courses, and picnic areas. There are playgrounds, benches, and trails. If you like to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature, this is the perfect spot. Once your kids get tired from all the playing and running, take them to Chuck E. Cheese. Not only can they enjoy fast food, but plenty of games and fun activities as well. Finally, if you like to shop, go to Aventura Mall. This is one of the biggest shopping centers in Florida, and fun is guaranteed. Also, there is a theatre here and a couple of restaurants.

If you think this is the right neighborhood for you and your family, contact movers North Miami FL, and schedule a move. Bear in mind that it is always best to move off-season because movers are more flexible, and the costs are lower.


Kendall is located in South Miami, and the suburb is very family-friendly. The median home value is around $300,000, and the median monthly rent is $1,300. There are many great schools in this area. Some of them are the School of Advanced Studies, Kendale Elementary School, and William H. Lehman Elementary. One of the downsides of this area is the fact that it is not that close to the city, but you won’t have any problems commuting if you decide that this is the right neighborhood for your family, and Kendall movers move you here.

There are many fun activities that you can enjoy here. Go to Kendall Indian Hammock Park, where there are softball fields, soccer fields, a golf course, a skate park, picnic areas, and playgrounds. This is a great family destination with a range of activities for sports lovers. If you like shopping, there are several shopping malls close to Kendall. Visit Dadeland Mall or the Palms and have a great day with our family.

Researching Miami neighborhoods takes time, but also you need to start researching residential movers Miami offers and preparing your things well before the moving day. Packing is actually the most time-consuming part of your move, so make sure you gather packing materials and learn packing techniques at least several weeks before the moving day.

A family packing
Use quality packing materials and learn proper packing techniques

Key Biscayne

This is an amazing place. Imagine beautiful sandy beaches, stunning views, top restaurants, and oceanfront homes. That is what Key Biscayne offers. The population of this island town is around 12,400, and it is a very popular tourist destination. Your family will love it here and enjoy an active lifestyle and outdoor activities such as fishing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. However, it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Miami, with a median home value of around $1,000,000. Make sure to visit local attractions with your kids, such as Cape Florida Lighthouse, Crandon Park Beach, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Miami, Seaquarium, etc.

What have we learned so far?

Deciding on the area to move into is not an easy job. You have to look at many factors if you want to provide a happy life for your kids. Think about everything your kids may need, but also think about yourself and the financial situation you are in. When you consider all of this, your long-distance move to Miami will be much easier because you will know what you can expect from the neighborhoods and the city and how much of it will be available to you, depending on your financial status and job.

Create the life you have always wanted in the sunny city of South Florida. Miami is a place where you can make all of your (and your children’s) dreams come true, you just have to seize the opportunity. Hopefully, this guide will be useful when you start exploring the best Miami neighborhoods for families with kids. We are sure that you will choose the best area for you and your kids.